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In cooperation with independent artists and groups, scientists, cultural institutions and initiatives, we conceive, support and realize independent art and cultural productions in a national and international context.

We see ourselves as mediators and facilitators of art and cultural formats in which diverse, political and socially critical points of view are taken. Our studio is located in the creative center ZINNWERKE e.V. in Hamburg-Wilhelmsburg. In the area of production consulting, we are specialized in content-related conceptual and strategic collaboration and the development and controlling of complex funding budgets in a national and international context. In the area of cultural mediation and communication, we offer a wealth of expertise and experience in graphic design, audience development, marketing and social media. And since we originally come from an aesthetic background ourselves, we always have a keen interest in the aesthetics, motif and implementation of the projects and take on the area of dramaturgy and artistic direction with great passion. Furthermore, we are specialized in systemic consulting and accompany actors and cultural institutions in the areas of communication, strategy and change development.

We address artists, collectives, scientists as well as cultural institutions and independent sponsors who are looking for a professional partnership at eye level.

We enter the process at any time and accompany it from the first idea to the last act or even selectively. We develop our own formats in cooperations and benefit from lively contacts within the independent scene, to cultural, educational and scientific institutions as well as relevant sponsors in Hamburg, Berlin, Munich, Leipzig and NRW. In current and past projects we have worked with Jenny Beyer, Ursina Tossi, Patricia Carolin Mai, Rykena/Jüngst, Kerstin Steeb, Gloria Höckner, Lois Bartel, Jonas Woltemate & Nora Elberfeld, Fernanda Ortiz, Silke Rudolph as well as the collectives UNKOORDINIERTE BEWEGUNG, FRAUEN UND FIKTION, TREFFEN TOTAL and POOL.

Photos (c) Bente Stachowske

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