STÜCKLIESEL initiate, conceptualize and realize artistical, scientifical and educational productions in the field of the Performing Arts. They address to choreographers, directors, performers, artists, musicians, artist collectives, scientists as well as cultural institutions and groups, who want to outsorce parts of their work in a high professional way. They enter at any point into to the process and support the projects from the development of an idea, down to the finishing touches. Own projects they generate in cooperation with long-standing partners and they benefit of a living network within the free Art scene as well as to established cultural, scientific and educational institutions and theatres especially in Hamburg, Berlin and NRW.

The spectrum of the work areas of STÜCKLIESEL reaches from textual-artistic + conceptual collaboration and advice, the development of complex funding acquisition and the whole financial mangement, dramaturgy in the fields of dance and performance, product-technical support, public relations + graphic design in web and print media and last but not least the documentation and settlement of the projects.

The productions take place at instituted theatres as well as at off space locations like galleries, industrial spaces, old shelters . So one of the affair of the heart of STÜCKLIESEL is it, to realize the formats at theatre atyppical places and to show it to a large audience not necessarily with an affinity to art.

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